Thursday, December 9, 2010

Navigator book released on

Amazon have listed the books on line. The color edition of Something About Navigator can be found here and the monochrome edition, here. Or a search with the title will also find them.

I should point out that bundles of ten books, tied to-gether with string will make a brilliant door-stop, and copies epoxied edge to edge would make a very decorative floor.

Recent research shows that nine out of ten doctors surveyed recommend reading this book as a cure for insomnia, and world conflict. Reading this book instead of watching TV will reduce your carbon footprint, and it will cost you less than taking your family to a hotel for a meal.

Even if you can't read, looking at the pictures will have the same effect as long-term use of Prozac, but with fewer side effects. Further, the author of this post sometimes exaggerates things. A bit.


  1. Looks lovely. Is there going to be a kindle version?

    Currently working on a Pathfinder myself

  2. Thanks David. I'm exploring the Kindle thing, but it seems to be difficult for heavily illustrated books, and is only available as a monochrome e-book. In the meantime I think a colour PDF file will be available from Duckworks, probably at about $10, viewable in colour on your computer. Just have to set that up with Chuck when the dust settles a bit.
    Good luck with your Pathfinder. A wonderful project!

  3. Put up my money already and you're telling me I'm buying a door stop?
    I calculate it would take about 500 to tile our craft room. But that will have to wait for the corporate discount.


  4. Now Michael, if you'd care to consider tiling two rooms, we can find some significant discounts here. Do the walls as well and I'll throw in a car.

  5. i'm thinking of de-doing the driveway and i'm looking for 1000 or so blocks - what do you reckon?


  6. If the driveway is steep, I'd recommend a double layer...