Wednesday, March 4, 2015

introducing 'Beachcomber'

I would like to introduce Beachcomber to both my remaining readers. At this point she is about half ours (although she is so old we regard ourselves as custodians rather than owners), as we tidy up the details of registration and insurance.


  1. Well this reader would like to say what a pretty thing she is, drop dead gorgeous! Good Luck with your impending move and I wish you many happy times sailing her.

  2. Cheers. It's a big move for us and it is lovely to have a good boat waiting there for us. She has quite a story to her and I'll try to blog some details if there is interest.

  3. Rob, she is beautiful. Has Beachcomber always been a lakes boat?


  4. Thanks! Yes she has been there since the 1870's (or maybe '60's)

  5. Whew ! The real deal. No winches. Hand bilge pump. Wood blocks.
    More please?

  6. I will be very happy to give details...I just have absorb in my mind how best to do it. First,she has an interesting history, and that includes a thorough restoration in the 1990's. Second, the details of the boat are worth documenting, and third, I hope maybe to use her effectively too!

    It is an intimidating task to do justice to her (and to the previous owner) Michael, but I'll feel more confident with the interest of the likes of you.

  7. Oh my
    Seriously green with envy but then I couldn't part with my beloved Arwen.........what a lovely boat

    Arwens meanderings

  8. Cheers Steve....I still have my Navigator, and hope to use it more too.