Friday, July 16, 2010

The Unreasonableness of Beautiful Things

Now after a very pleasant day working outdoors, a beautiful sunset can be a very unreasonable thing, reminding you as it does with all it's style and glory that the things you've been enjoying will have to be put away, while you get on with other things, other rhythms. It's not unusual for a beautiful thing to seem unreasonable, sometimes because it is and sometimes because you're just doomed to see it that way for altogether unfathomable reasons.

I say all this to explain the presence of this next, very strange photo of my favourite cow, Xarina. It is taken at the very moment that she had to explore the real possibility that my phone/camera was made from the sort of oats that would go very nicely with the stuff that was in her bucket five minutes previously.
Now to be fair, she's had a rough sort of day. After five sessions over the last week or so of getting 20mm of antibiotics unloaded into her rump by Julia with the big syringe at her blunt end while I try to interest her at the sharp end with a bucket of oats, to-day we resorted to having the vet get under her with sharp and scary tools to trim a cracked and painful foot. Her dignity was shot. She did her level best to use her 500 kilograms of remaining condition to lift the crush out of the very ground it is planted in, and her affections were somewhat moderated after the process to say the least. Sweet nothings whispered into her ear count for nothing. I am unloved.

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