Saturday, January 21, 2017

not a cabin in sight

This week end the Gippsland Lakes Classic Boat Club had a gathering of open boats at Paynesville, with a static display for the community on Saturday morning, followed by a sail past in the afternoon. Above are two local traditional types  above, the boat reported here during it's restoration (top), and the one in front was completed last year. What a splendid thing to have an old boat restored, and the old ways kept alive in a new boat; the two stories rafted up next to each other. These hulls have a real presence on the water.

Above, most of the boats have left for the sail past here, but I'm still chewing the fat in Annie. (Beachcomber stayed home for this one). I include this picture to show the local 'floating shed'- it appears to be at the end of the jetty, but it is in fact a mobile floating music stage and MC platform, a bit of an institution around here. It is powered by a 60hp outboard 'behind the shed'.


  1. Those canvas covers are fabulous. The design solves a problem I've been ruminating on for a few years. My Valgerda, Saga, needs just such an arraignment. Do you know if these are mass produced or custom?

  2. There is a bit of a tradition here to use them on the old fishing boats, so most local upholsterers will measure up and make something to fit. Most have the semi-circular coaming forward and that will determine the shape of the dodger hoops, so squarer coaming will give a flatter roof. They mostly use galv. tubular ribs with plastic bimini clips.