Sunday, May 23, 2010

navigator up-date

Managed to get a few stringers fitted to the Navigator. Before this, though I took advantage of the easy access to do some epoxy coating and filleting of areas which will become harder to access once it becomes necessary to 'climb aboard'. Tomorrow will mark two months since the build was started, and it has been very satisfying so far. The sobering thought is that once she's built there will be a couple of months probably just in setting up the rig and doing all of the 'minor details' that can't even be contemplated at this early stage of work.
It knocks my socks off how many lovely examples there are out there of this boat, and so many of them have been shared unselfishly in videos and blogs and posts by their owners and their builders. This design seems to have brought out the creative side of many people all over the world, and it is a particularly healthy community, I think.
There is a more fulsome description of this build on the Aussie Woodworker's Forum here;
This is a more complete record, but it also contains grizzles, moans and some inane conversation between builders. I hesitated to link it to this blog, because they are so different in their aims, the thread on the forum being a more blow-by-blow-warts-and-all account, and this blog a rather mundane attempt to align various interests and inclinations for my own needs as much as to share them.