Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mid Summer, warm toes, relaxed sailing, two-up.

Finding some space can be difficult when everyone is in holiday mode. We found some inland on a piece of our old stamping-ground near Camperdown. The clear blue sky was made more surreal by the green tinge of algae in the water.

This lake is an old volcanic crater and is incredibly deep, and the winds are often a bit flukey. A couple of times our little wind indicator arrow on the mast was seen happily spinning in circles because it just didn't know which way to turn.

The Navigator seemed really to shine up-wind, even though there were niceties like removing fenders and re-tensioning the mizzen that were left undone in our laid back mood. Having my son at the helm in a stiff breeze gave me the first chance to enjoy hanging out on the high side, jib sheet in hand, simply allowing a bit of velocity to give sizzle to the view.


  1. Rob, it's great seeing you enjoying summer while it's freezing here, but I have to wonder... What happened to the Waller 18?


  2. MB, yes I feel a bit guilty about that...she is in the shed getting dusty. The problem is I have a very small brain that can't deal with too many things at once, the boats are an hour from water, and life and weather combine to make it hard to sail often. The Navigator is huge fun alone or with one crew, and the Waller is fantastic for three of us (or more)....sometimes grown-up family are hard to assemble when the weather is right. If I had the right offer I'd sell the Waller....I hate to see her wasted.

  3. That speaks volumes about the Navigator.

  4. Yes, although it says as much about what I'm able to do with a boat at this point too. With three six foot men fitting comfortably side by side in the big Waller cockpit, and room for others inside and on the bridge deck, it can feel pretty sensational when a good bit of wind has us sitting out together.
    But for laid back pottering on my own, the smaller boat is easier for me to transport, rig, and sail.
    They are also very different in appeal too. My trailer-sailer friends love the Waller as being like their big TS's, but sportier. Whereas Annie is more obviously a wooden boat with woden spars and a different sort of appeal.