Saturday, April 15, 2017

a marriage of shapes

Who said 'the devil is in the detail' ? And who would have thought there would be so much interest in a blow by blow record of the goings-on of this boat? She doesn't even have a mast...Despite there being very few comments, these little blogs of Bandicoot's new lines and nuanced features are getting a surprising number of views. TV must be at a low ebb at the moment. So these pics are about the marriage of a cockpit roof with a cabin. Finding the lines that define. (I was never fond of the shapes at the back of the cabin)

A most unlikely pair of shapes to harmonise the line of the new roof with the angles of the cabin.

Below, the old edges visible through the fairing compound.

Meanwhile, between painting sessions I'm making a seat base/step/esky cover/storage box/table for 500 mm along the transom. 2 x 800 seats, 1x 800 decked surface. The decked bit is on a piano hinge which allows opening to access cool liquid and picnic foods...A proper multi-function gismo that hides a multitude of messes and provides a convenient step down into the boat from the rear (under the hatch). The seat bases cover acres of storage space. We will have to wait for the upholstery that will make the two side areas into decent seating. A bottom step with storage is also being hatched in the wings....

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