Monday, November 22, 2010

Navigator book proof arrives

The first print proof arrived to-day. The book is two hundred and twenty-something pages long and will be available for about $20 when released. I need to read this one carefully, looking for errors and typos and all the other naughty stuff we get up to when we try to say something in writing.
There is a very good section in there written by other Navigator owners- stories of Navigators 'in the wild'- experienced voices much more interesting than mine.
When this one is corrected, I'll send a new version to be processed, and then they'll send me another proof....and then I'll read it and maybe approve it for print...I'm not much of an editor, being much too impatient to achieve perfection. I don't apologise for that though, because that's just how I get things done. The next thing is always more important, somehow.
This book will have it's own blog page, just in case anyone is interested in it. I've finished the book before finishing my boat, and despite some very sound advice from friends who felt that the book should show my finished 'Annie', I feel very strongly that this book should be about the Navigator, not my Navigator.
Some of you will recognise the lovely photo on the cover as being Dave Johnstone's 'Korora."


  1. wow must be satisfying to hold that baby in your hands

  2. Sure does. Bits of me want to approve it now, and other bits of me want to keep worrying it, on the basis that as soon as it is approved I'll find those other bits I forgot to add, the photo that lost its credits, that typo that I just couldn't see for looking....

  3. Congratulations, you must be very proud. I know I would be. I'm glad to see there is still an interest in publishing old fashioned books as opposed to the new fangled interweb. Hard copy forces all that checking and rechecking. Where can I get an editor to check the stuff I put online?

  4. A quick flick through and I can see that it's going to be a lovely and interesting read for many!

    Awesome stuff dad!! xx

  5. Thank you all.
    Pablo, there is something special about holding hard copy, isn't there?

  6. You will let us know when to place our orders?

  7. Congratulations and yet another book - and I think your writing is marvellous.
    I still think though it would be lovely to included your own experiences of sailing your own Navigator. To me, it's like having a christening without the baby, but I'm sure I will enjoy being one of the crew.

  8. Hi MB- sure will!
    Thanks Julia, I'm canny enough to know that if there is a story there when she's finished and sailing, I'll enjoy telling it !

  9. Congrats Rob ! I'll be interested to buy it. I'm inerested in your books about the World War II since I discovered that you are an expert in it. Please let me know the best way to get them, thanks !

  10. Very kind of you Juame, thanks. The 'Before Pearl Harbor' book is about the things that caused the Pacific War, so it isn't about the war per se...the climax of the book is in the 1930's when people of goodwill on both sides of the Pacific tried to avoid war, but failed. There is also a lot of background stuff concerning the modernisation of Japan and it's attempts to avoid being colonised like most of Asia was.
    If you are interested, click on the link on the blog side-bar, and it will take you to the relevant page on

    This Navigator book is a lot more light-hearted!