Friday, January 20, 2012

15th Century Portuguese 'replica'

We took Annie across Corio Bay and found ourselves drawn to a dark and forbidding silhouette  anchored in the distance. This handbuilt boat in the style of Portugese ships of the 15th Century (I'm told) had just sailed from  the south west coast of Victoria into Port Phillip and then Corio Bay. The trip took 57 hours, the boat took one man, Graeme Wylie a decade to build.

The little ship has had its share of media coverage in Victoria. If there is interest, I can research it further. Maybe start here.

Annie was such a pleasure to sail in the messy chop. With two aboard, it just took the crew to sit a bit further forward for the lovely garboard plank to slice rather than pound the waves. We sailed through the rock breakwater, coming in, and under just mizzen and jib we didn't trouble the motor or the tiller, just steering with the jib sheet. Five metres from the pontoon we wound up the jib and just gave the electric motor a blip to achieve a soft and quick landing.
Space/quiet/string/ good


  1. Another case of remarkable human endevour.

    Thanks Rob.

  2. He sounded pretty chuffed when we spoke to him, although there was no sign of a tender and they were anchored a long way from shore....