Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a venerable horse

 Let me introduce you to Lombok. He's a retired Polo horse about 25 years of age, and one of those animals that seem so much bigger than their size when you meet them. We were easily drawn to him in the beginning, walking our dog to a neighboring paddock, and to begin with there were polite hellos and the odd pat, but he had an unnerving habit of using negative body language at the oddest times. This took a bit of getting used to, particularly as he seemed to enjoy exploring me with his teeth while his ears were well pinned back. But he never bit, he just relaxed into our company and has blessed us with some great conversations and warm cuddles. These pics make him seem small, but he has a big, graceful authenticity about him...and I say this as a person that has never felt close to a particular horse in the past.

I do admire his dignity.


  1. You can't guess why I love this post so much? I am so jealous (craving equine company a lot lately) but equally thrilled that this lovely horsey gets to hang out with you dad!

    You have a wonderful and affirming way with animals of all varieties and I reckon Lombok would be digging your attention! Enjoy! Then at least I can too - vicariously! xxx

    Great pics!!

  2. I just wish Lombok had a pony for company....