Sunday, April 3, 2016

Geelong WB Festival 2016 and a brand new Aussie Navigator

 Because I haven't seen much coverage of this event in the blogosphere I include a few pictures supplied by our friends Peter and Felicity. Since there is often very little feed-back about this sort of coverage I found it hard to know how many pics to include. There are more on Felicity's disc if needed...

Below are some shots of Peter's new home built Navigator. I have been thrilled to see it emerge from a pile of promising plywood. Peter chose to build light and has used the thinner plywood for his hull and I'm sure he will find it fast and responsive as his early tests suggest. Observant readers will notice sails from Duckworks.
I don't want to embarrass Peter at all, but I do need to say that his passion for wooden boats goes a lot further back (and a lot deeper) than just this, his recent build. He has played several major roles in the Geelong event for many years, on the committee (I am without details here) and as the representative of a major sponsor. 

The boat is named after the very talented Felicity, below.


  1. What lovely boats, sheer elegance.
    As for peter's!
    That is a superb build with some interesting little adaptations
    If you have more photos of peter's boat I would love to see them. There are points about the way he has rigged his boat that I could look at trying on Arwen. Loads to learn there
    Thanks for posting Robert.
    Hope you are well

    1. Thanks Steve. I've had a look at the other pics and I don't think I have anything that sheds more light on the rigging- he has done a lovely job of setting her up. I'll see what he has to say.

  2. Thanks for posting the Navigator build, she looks beautiful.