Saturday, April 30, 2016

rally traffic

It is very rewarding to have sailed so close to a bunch of generous photographers. I don't think we ever had pictures from our trips on Corio Bay or the Western District Lakes and it is a real luxury now to have a collection of pictures of this boat out there sailing. Of course that is one of the features that made the Paynesville rally so successful- the narrow straits at the town centre where the crowds congregated. So I hope my reader doesn't mind a few more indulgences here from those days.

Since then quite a few things have happened to the boat, and I have these as a permanent record of her gradual evolution. The unrestored topsides show up well in the bottom pic and when I figure out where and when I can get her on the hard for antifouling and topsides painting the job will be substantially done, at least for a while...


  1. Such an elegant, graceful, sheer stunning boat
    It seems appropriate that she should be owned by such a talented, creative gent
    Well done Robert

  2. Well Steve, I agree with your comments about the boat, but I take no credit for her genes...I was just lucky to have seen her in time and fortunate enough to be in a position to purchase (a few years of) her custodianship. I'll never do justice to her as a sailor, but that doesn't worry me too much anymore, I'm happy just to slip into her story as the bloke who didn't do too much damage when he owned her.