Saturday, July 3, 2010

green tree trunks

Even the bush ground litter comes alive with little photo-synthesizers that have waited through the warm months to open their pores to the moisture. Everything is soft, every surface gives a little when touched. Nothing feels hostile.


  1. This, too looks much like Home. Been craving the high dessert lately.

  2. Thanks Michael, I love my natural environment and am pleased you respond to it too. It's not small boats, but our interests need not be one dimensional...

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  4. We must be related...

    Today I was staring at light green luscious moss, making its way along a brick wall at the Strathmore Train seemed outta place and persistent somehow...sneaking in on the gaps and painting colour in the bleakness of the surrounding concrete...

    Anyhow...just wanted to say I loved your pics!

  5. I submitted a comment to your last post, which didn't show up - the cloud banks in those shots look a lot like home, too. There comes a time in the late winter and early spring when we tire of the majesty of those ominous clouds.
    I guess I really speak of my friends and neighbors... it's hard to get me inside, despite the weather.