Wednesday, April 3, 2013

evolving space

How do you go about making space for your head? My efforts so far leave me wondering how the heck I ever built a whole house. The big structure is a cinch, but the details go on for ever. My friend Dale recently surmised that this space is an adaption of the one I work from in town at present. He was so right.

I took the 'sitting bench' which houses my most fine hand tools, and measured the gap between it and the 'standing bench' upon which I lay out problems and hold them in vises while I knock the negatives out of them. This gap became the central parameter for designing the room, perhaps as you would consider designing a kitchen. The new space opens onto my machine shop, which isn't insulated or lined, but is big. It also opens onto another little space which may become a storage area, or maybe sharpening centre for tool maintenance.

The gap between the two benches also allows room for a couple of guitars and even amps, so that I can make noise without using woodworking machines. I'm having such fun learning guitar, but it is something I need to do without inflicting myself on my better half....well at least until I can say something musical.


  1. I've been torturing the guitar for the past 44 years and the cat gets up and leaves the room every time I pick it up.
    My beloved bought me a Uke the other day by way of a treat, I really don't think the world is ready for that yet.

  2. After that amount of time, we are ready- let's hear you on the uke!

  3. Rob, did you happen to catch an "old man" playing nearby? His live version of Like a Hurricane bought the heavens down upon us all. I'll never forget watching a master using his shirt tails to both fret and dry his guitar during a solo. We must have 10mm land on our backs in five minutes, and conversely straight into Neil and Crazy Horse's faces and gear.

    They didn't blink an eyelid.

    1. Not this time Dale- but saw him live at the Music Bowl a couple of years ago. So, he's a drought-breaker too, is he?