Wednesday, December 21, 2016

the speed of our weed

Initially, Annie was to be in the water for a week or so, but then she started taking me out onto the lake in the mornings (she made me do it), and pretty soon it was more than two weeks...and we wanted her in the water for Christmas, but a timely reminder from a friend about the speed of our weed in the creek prompted me to take her up for a bottom scrub. 

I was surprised at how much biology had attached itself to her hidden bits. It took more than the pressure from a hose to loosen the stuff, and I resolved to antifoul her at some point soon.

In the carport again, attending to a few details over a couple of days, she is ready to launch, but this time I'll try to keep track of time. She now has a wooden jamb cleat on the underside of the tiller to hold a bit of line or shock chord (interchangeably) because there are times when the tiller needs to be held without me. Also I shortened the tiller extension by about 5mm to allow a wider swing of the tiller when the extension is not in use (it sits on a short brass locating pin to keep it from falling about).

And now a note for Russian readers:

Я заметил значительное увеличение числа посещений этого блога из России, я бы очень рад, если кто-то может позволить мне знать вероятные источники этого интереса и если я могу сделать больше, чтобы поддержать его.


  1. Russian? You know Russian as well? Is there no end to your talent Robert?
    Annie looking as lovely as always.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and new year rob
    Steve ��

  2. And to you and yours Steve. I don't know any Russian- I have to confess to using an online translator.

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  4. У меня также есть читатели из России. Для них и других, Doryman есть кнопка для перевода, на боковой панели.

  5. After reading this post, I looked at the doryman stats and found that in the last week, there have been almost twice as many hits from Russia as from my main staple, the US. I suspect they are not interested in boats. Where those stray visits come from (and why) remains a mystery to me.

    Hope all is well with you and yours,

  6. Yes, that's what I wondered, but I've seen quite a bit of small boat activity from there, and I thought a bit of good-will wouldn't go astray at the moment...