Wednesday, June 9, 2010

page three boat pictures

Page Three Boats?

Probably wooden boats, mostly open boats, generally under 6 metres long, sometimes in their habitat, occasionally being built, often being sailed, maybe rowed or paddled.

It's just a gallery, maybe something restful or perhaps inspirational for the eye when it should be doing something sensible instead.
I admit that given my present preoccupation it will probably favour pictures of Navigators, reclining in best page three fashion...but it needn't, if others want to contribute things along the suggested guidelines, above.

This photo is of a beautiful boat from Dave in New Zealand. It's called 'Korora" and Kiwis may have the pleasure of seeing her with man, woman and dog aboard, probably loaded for a picnic. This man not only has a fine eye for a boat, he makes marvellous images.

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