Friday, September 17, 2010

whale spotting in Moolooaba Queensland

We took a very pleasant day trip with a boat owned by Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo from Mooloolaba Marina, out from the coast to a distance of about 12 nautical miles, approaching Morton Island. We were blessed with a number of close encounters, all Hump Backs, and all over about 25 tonnes; not huge by whale standards. These were very difficult to photograph well, and I won't bore you with the evidence, and the same applies to the Dolphins that swam alongside us. These extraordinary animals were heading south for an annual feast of cold food, having given the new calves a good start in warmer waters.


  1. Those pesky whales! They seem to tease, don't they? I don't know how people get those great whale breaching shots.

    On another "note" -- Mary took a two hour fiddle workshop at the Toledo Wooden Boat Show and bought a violin from a hawker (also at the show) and now she's hooked. She wants to try building a violin (probably from a kit). Do you have any advice for her?

  2. I'd be pesky too I guess if I'd been hunted so much, in a way it's reassuring that they've learnt to be a bit careful of strangers...
    I have seen unassembled complonent kits sold by Stewart McDonald Guitar supplies in the States. It really depends on her experience with shaping and fitting timber. The kit has all the most difficult cutting work done, as I recall. Also depends if she wants to become more skilled with wood, or just get another fiddle. That firm was very reliable in my experience. Bought some tools from them years ago.
    If she really wants to get serious making, then first I'd advise a good teacher, or at least some good books.
    Happy to talk via email to her if she'd like.

  3. I love being near whales and dolphins - truly magnificent animals and rather cheeky.

    (yeah Rob, that one)

  4. Congrats!, I am sure that the number of whales is growing (despite the japaneese eat any living being..... :D ) I saw sperm whales during a trip from Palma to Barcelona jumping...... unfortunately my daughter was too young to notice it....