Wednesday, January 5, 2011

for everything, turn, turn, turn..

I have to say that while upside-down, Annie appears to have gained weight. When she's on-edge she seems as wide as she is long, but I daren't say anything, it is a sensitive subject, girth. Boats don't like to have their great beam pointed out to them. So how can we tell them that we like it without causing offense? We wouldn't want our boats to look like magazine models, would we?

Annie turned over without incident or assistance. I used the blocks that will become her mainsheet tackle to lift her onto her side, then switched tackle over to the other side to lower her gently and with great dignity onto her bottom. She is currently re-gaining her composure on a few bales of grass hay. I had a celebratory drink on her behalf. It was the least I could do.


  1. She is looking beautiful good if we could just sail her upside down sometimes, so we could admire her underbelly some more wouldn't it?

  2. I'm sure this instrument will sound great playing the simphony of the Ocean.

  3. That garboard never ceases to amaze me.

    Full figured, perhaps but light on her feet and oh, so pretty. You can tell her I said so.


  4. Well, I passed on those messages and she went pink. Looked quite nice, pink.

  5. She's gonna have to get used to it.