Thursday, January 20, 2011

a quick sand and a lick of paint....

It really annoys me on 'lifestyle' type TV shows, when they show you how to make something, and all it needs is 'a quick sand' (scrape, scratch...done) and a 'lick of paint' (30 seconds max).
I'm not really sure what that 'sand' is supposed to achieve. They never talk about surface shape or contour and they never mention texture as an element of that. It doesn't seem to occur to these folk that 'smooth' is such a relative term...
Anyway, those things are sort of what I've given the interior of the boat. But it took a bit more effort than it would to make good TV viewing.

The colours I'm using are an attempt to capture a certain mood on the one hand, and to relate the colour of my sails to that. The sails are from Duckworks and are 'Egyptian cotton' colour- which can range from quite yellow tones right through to red-ish mushroomy colours. Mine arrived definitely leaning to the red end of the spectrum, and for me that meant that any 'cream' or light colours would need to be warmish, and definitely not leaning toward yellow. The hull is a blue-grey, which has the capacity to look quite drab or quite blue, dependng on its surroundings. Next to wood colours it leans towards blue. So I needed to find a light colour that would suit me with the grey and also with the sail colour.
I like to use Norglass paint, but the colour range is limited, so I made a tint from a yellowish cream plus a bit of red. This related well to the sails but was too powerful for the cockpit and deck, so I added it to a given quantity of white for the interior, and the mix for the decks will have twice the proportion of white. I hope it works....who knows?
Incidentally, the pics above are of the first rolled coat. Now I have to figure out the alignment of the boomkin before I glue the coaming on.


  1. nice colours, nice finish - lovely wood and the new design interior from old palns - well done robert

  2. Very nice.
    Does that centre board case have a laminated top? It looks great.

  3. Nice to hear from you Steve, thanks.
    Paul, it was bent in layers, the top 4mm and edges being teak. You might rest a glass on it one day, I hope!

  4. The last layer in that laminate looks to be glass.

    Wonderful job.

  5. Looks wonderful. Doesn't look to me like you've taken too many shortcuts on achieving a high quality finish. Hope to see you at Rye next month.