Sunday, March 27, 2011

glad rags for Annie


  1. All sailed up in a green sea- and doesn't she look gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful Robert! Looks like launch day may only be days (or hours LOL!) away. I love the colors you've chosen. They compliment one another beautifully.

    How has the rigging been going? Have you had to make any changes? Also was wondering if the full length battens on the main allow it to be dropped without them getting in the way?

  3. Yo robert, annie is looking fantastic. great sails; watch the full length battens; if you haven't done so may want to consider rigging lazy jacks...i speak from experience! my sail maker shortened the top batten because it was tricky. annie is a lovely boat, superb craftsmanship. try not to do what i did today which is ram her bowsprit straight into a quay wall (long story don't ask!)
    let us know when you launch - take plenty of photos
    arwens meanderings

  4. You've been a busy man, Rob! Congratulations on a job well done. I'm a little jealous, but more than that, very proud of my friend.


  5. Thanks for the encouragement folks!
    There are still things to attend to before a launch, including all the techno-bits for the pod, and the small matter of registering boat and trailer, etc

    With regard to rigging, Joel, I'll do a post or two about that if there is interest. I'm learning as I go of course, like many of us. I find the battens on the main easy to stash so far, and they do keep a nice sail shape even without wind- I know several people have had them shortened, but I wonder why, if sail shape and stashing aren't problems?

    I really appreciate the thoughtful comments that have made blogging such a pleasure.

  6. Please do Rob. I am also building the same gaff rig with same duckworks sails so am grateful for any knowledge you can share. It's a relief to know that the main stashes away easily.

  7. It looks great Rob, this is similar to a guaira rig, but I don't understand how the boom works with the mast ......

  8. Thanks K, P, and J.
    Juame, It is a conventional modern boom arrangement, with a swinging fixed attachment at the mast (gooseneck), but a loose foot, attached at either end. The boom for the mizzen is a simpler sprit boom, adjusted by a line called a 'snotter'.

  9. Contratulations Rob on finishing Annie she is so beautiful very proud of your talents. You deserve a scotch now after your hard work!
    Can't wait to test her out
    Love fiona

  10. Robert, do you think the gaff rig is clearly superior to the lug rig? I'm wondering if its just hard to make the lug rig set correctly..

  11. Sorry I missed this question for a while....
    I don't think the gaff is superior, I think both have advantages, although I'd be tempted to think that in expert hands the lug would perform better because there is less weight in it and huge potential to nuance the shape. I chose the gaff because I I just like to have a nice solid boom at the bottom to keep things tidy- I guess it was an emotional decision. Also, I had no experience of lugs before I built. A poorly set lug looks more awful to me than a poorly set gaff, so I thought ....