Thursday, December 22, 2011


port fairy areaIMG_0717IMG_0724IMG_0731IMG_0732IMG_0733
logan's beach WarrnamboolIMG_0729IMG_0726_2IMG_0722coastal heathIMG_0715
cloud ringhome 6/7/10cloud harassmentIMG_0815waiting winter moonIMG_0817
cloudscapes, a set on Flickr.
It's always up far. So if you don't have the chance at this time of the year to look up and wonder, here are a few cloud- and seascapes from our region.


  1. Wow, great photos. I've always associated a red sand beach with Australia, like Ayers Rock ground up and scattered along the shore. Very nice.

  2. Cheers Barry. That sand near Warrnambool (Western Victoria) is actually fairly yellow, but that wintery day light made its own rules! The red dirt that you mention is simply glorious in the 'outback', as we call it, and even flying over it is like being in the most wonderful gallery imaginable, but that rugged, unforgiving beauty is too much for some.
    I should mention that the really popular beaches down here are outstanding in the conventional way, but I prefer beaches in bad weather, and coast that is a bit wild.

  3. Very nice pics of clouds.
    I wish you Merry Christmas and a happy and creative to you and your family.

  4. happy and creative 2012 of course !! :)

  5. Thanks and warm best wishes to you too!