Friday, July 24, 2015

love my tender

You know how things go when you feel like you are on a roll. Thought a tender would be handy to get around Beachcomber from the water, and maybe row across to the little beach for a stroll or a picnic.

Fantasies of teaching grandchildren to row. Small disposable plastic tenders would do. Something cheap- I'm already way too into this...but then the ideas start conflating with my love of a good story, and my love for a nice hand made line and suddenly I'm taking delivery of this from Clive, our local slip owner and boat guru.

Before the second war this boat used to be filled with fishing nets to take them in from the big boat and brought to a landing just over the water a hundred metres from us. She was made locally from kauri pine and has had a few stories to tell. One of the shipwrights that worked a lot on the restoration of Beachcomber in the 1990's owned this one for quite a while. So did Clive.

A couple of ribs, a bit of inwale, a new breast hook and quite a bit of abrasive surface work will see her nice...but I'm not going to rush it.


  1. She's a beauty, and well deserving of your custodianship.
    As the years pass, the concept of custodianship becomes more important, to leave things in better condition for others. Acquisition and its bookend, disposition, might underscore materialism, but do nothing whatever for the soul. How pleasing it is to see such wonderful boats nourished and given many more years of service.

  2. Well thank you Dale- and lovely to hear from you again! Hope you are well and getting onto the water a bit. I see you still take some stunning shots from the air.

    1. I have a couple of holes in Driftus the Secret, putting hatches into seats, and rebuilding the outboard well, and repairing a season or two of wear and tear.

      Your new sailing grounds look wonderful, I'm pretty keen to get over that way for an extended sail or two. My only experience of Lakes sailing is belting around the place in the Farrier, and racing at that, hardly relaxing sailing.

    2. We only had a few trips to these parts before we bought down here, and we are loving it. Hope to see you one day.