Saturday, March 12, 2016

New sheets and Outhaul

Since the rally I have been moved to replace the main and staysail sheets, choosing 10mm over 12, and a multi-braid over 3 strand. The reason for this was that the cleats in a double-ended mainsheet need to work fast and they  struggled with the size and lumpiness of the old 3 strand.

Below are the main sail outhaul lashings and grommet- at the end of their working life. A new grommet was made for the job and a new outhaul line was spliced at both ends to attach to the 2 part adjuster, back along the boom. You may notice that in the old arrangement the grommet has been distorted by the lashings, so I fitted a galvanised eye into the outhaul line so the lashings will work on it and not the grommet. The outhaul pulls astern to a large sheave set in the boom, then back along the boom underside. The grommet stops the sail lifting, while the outhaul helps set sail shape.

Incidentally, we were thrilled by the shape of the sails, they are beautifully cut in a traditional pattern, with vertical seams on the main contrasting with the diagonals of the foresails.

Below the new grommet made from 8mm Hempex, next to the old pieces.

The other end has a wooden eye spliced onto it for the 2 part adjustment on the boom underside.


  1. That splicing is soooo awesomely neat and well presented. You are a skilled craftsman Robert

  2. Cheers Steve, but really, I struggle with rope work and knots. So before I re-did the outhaul I spent some time on the couch with some old line, and just practised. I love being able to make grommets though, they seem like magic and they can be used in so many ways on a boat.