Thursday, February 9, 2017

a small confession

There has been a small addition to our little fleet.
But I didn't build it and it doesn't sail
or row.
So if you are a hardline sailor 
you might want to stop reading now.
And if you think I've slipped over the edge
I understand.

It's been fun to have your interest.
I can cope with the music thing (he said)
and even the dogs and cows.
But I did come for the dinghy stuff,
the type with string and sails.

I've bought a swimming platform 
that can cruise around the lakes.
It is of the displacement type
and I'm going to avoid even a hint of iambic pentameter and glimmers of rhyme
just for this line.

Thing is,
the price was such that with some work it will appreciate
(and I get to keep the other boats for now)
and have fun swimming off the back
while I give the insides
a jolly good refit. 

So here is Bandicoot
8.3 m Hartley 
Bondwood cruiser
from the 1960's


  1. Well I suppose if you have to go over to the dark side, Its good to arrive in style.
    Looks like a lot of fun, enjoy.

  2. Some friends of mine have gone the same way and plan to drive their motorboat with an 8 hp outboard (the old cruiser was engine-less when they purchased it). I may post something about it, now that you've broken the barrier.

  3. Reassuring!
    Living in this place is all about water, and the lovely places around the edges of it. I want to be as active on it as possible, in as many ways as I can while my body is still able- and it is hoped that this boat will allow more excursions with Julia, visitors and the family while I do some of it. (with standing headroom...)

  4. I think she's boss. A brilliant decision.

  5. I think it's crazy in a sort of good way. The boat has character, so do you. Just watch your wake and we can all be friends.


  6. Boss and crazy are good. I can live with boss and crazy. I'll always be a sailing type though, so wake will be under control...I've been so many times on the wrong end of people's impatience!