Saturday, August 7, 2010

navigator down from its perch

The workstand served me very well, being of sufficient height for me to work under it without having to roll my lanky self up totally while shaping the stringers, but before I turn the hull, it will be useful to do some fillets, fibreglassing and general prep work inside. So I lowered the hull onto some hay bales while it is still light enough to lift single-handed and have done a bit of filleting and sanding. I'll keep the workstand assembled for spar work later.

I used some thin material to make a template for the fore deck pieces because with only a small amount of ply left, I wanted to make the most economical layout of these ungainly pieces to avoid buying an extra sheet. It is highly unlikely that I'll get away with it, but I really don't like waste. I had some concerns about the symmetry of the bow section but these were allayed by the making of the template because it fits very well on each side in mirror fashion.

For the filleting I'm using my usual mix of 411 West light weight filler and about 30% wood flour from my orbital sander. It has the smoth surface texture of the commercial product with a more pleasing colour, and I like to think it has a bit more body as well.
Now I'm caught a bit here because I find this post is more like those I would normally do on the boat building forum that I inhabit, and very unlike my normal 'thought bubble' sort of post, but I guess I have to write as if for my own purposes, in the absence of any idea what a potential reader might be wanting to read...

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