Sunday, August 1, 2010

Port Fairy Vic. Aust.

A little harbour now, Port Fairy was once Australia's most important; when fish were 'aplenty and this area was still a green and verdant part of the English colony of New South Wales. The harbour is exposed to Easterly blasts and has accounted for a few wrecks, but the mouth of the Moyne River offers modern protection for the fishing fleet, as well as many less functional and more comfortable boats. This area has a significant heritage from Irish immigrants and many of the buildings, shires and natural features still wear names familiar in Ireland.
We've been visiting the place for thirty something years and it is part of the incidental landscape of our lives together. One day I'll bring a boat and sail from this place to Killarney beach and then to Warrnambool, just to test the wild Southern Ocean, and give it a chance to give me what for.


  1. that area has a significant Irish influence doesnt it? Believe it or not, Ive never been as far as Pt Fairy. Pt Campbell I liked. nice little cove with some roaring sets beyond it, which I foolishly tried to take on one day with no more protection than a wet suit, my boogie board and a pair of flippers. The sea was kind to me that day:)

  2. There are some pretty vicious rocks out there, but it's a beautiful little bay.