Thursday, August 19, 2010

navigator outer stem

Between frequent sleety and sometimes icy outbursts a few moments have been spent on the outer stem, with a bit of preliminary shaping happening now that the epoxy has hardened sufficiently. Unusually, and because of the moist air, I have some waxy amine blush on the internal epoxy, so it will need to be scrubbed with soapy water before sanding and recoating. I can't install the anchor well floor until that forward compartment is fully sealed and maybe I won't fit the king plank till then, so I can't fit the foredeck sheets either...

But I have cut out the foredeck sheets and they are waiting like good little soldiers, in the shed and out of the weather.

Yes, the floor looks like a tip. Remember it is sometimes a hay shed, and you can't store bales without there being a bit of extra floor decoration going on, but I admit I'm a very untidy worker, always more worried about the next challenge than cleaning up after the last, and I have real trouble calling any small piece of wood 'waste', preferring to live with it long enough to give it the chance to find a second life with me.


  1. Hi Rob that looks wonderful, must confess I was tempted to comment on your earlier post that the stem looked too thin/light but I was most definitely wrong.

  2. Thanks Mike. Wish I had a bit more to report. This is feeling like a long Winter. Frustrating, but quite reassuring too.

  3. I think this violin is gonna play perfectly the Sea's simphony......congrats Rob !

  4. long as I can keep her in tune...