Sunday, July 17, 2011

feeling up from looking down

 Like a pair of old beach-combers we spent a lovely afternoon gazing at the tiny worlds within worlds of the low tide at Rickett's Point, Port Phillip (near Beaumaris). The mountains just visible in the pic above are the You Yangs which lie between Geelong and Melbourne. Our normal stamping grounds are beyond and way to the left of them.
 For users of google earth, the point just visible on the horizon here is Arthur's Seat near Mornington. Beyond that but not visible is Portsea and the Heads. Port Phillip is a huge body of water.
This point was declared a Marine Park in 2002 and one of the locals tell us the mussell population has made a significant come-back since then. As if to reinforce the logic of his thinking we saw a pod of at least a dozen dolfins swimming out near the edge of the Park.

Julia tells me the local aboriginal people cultivated fresh-water pools in high rock flats along these points, capturing run-off above the high water mark. We saw some evidence of this, but not a particular hole for which we happily searched.

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