Sunday, October 30, 2011

not sailing indoors

It was a privilege to be invited by the Colac Woodworker's Guild, to bring a few bits and pieces to contribute to their Wood Design exhibition at the Colac Performing Arts centre in the Western part of our rural region. The most wonderful aspect of the experience was the personal interaction with and between club members, and their determination to work so happily and inclusively together to pull off an inspirational showcase of local talent...but thrillingly, it provided a platform to highlight the beauty of local timbers too.

two of my babies

  the space was huge and beautifully, theatrically lit


Hundreds of locals spent time enjoying the work throughout the two day show. These pics do very little justice to the range and quality of work.
Oh, and can you believe it? Some guy put a sailboat in the middle of the floor....


  1. I wish I had known about the show. I would have made an effort to get out west.

  2. Sorry mate, I didn't think to alert anyone. I only remembered because I took regular calls from the organiser. He was brilliant and very persistent, running a tight ship.