Saturday, October 15, 2011

taking headstock

One of the things that I won't do on this guitar is to make an abalone name plate for the headstock. I mean, abalone is nice, but I'm not a believer in wearing brands, and I certainly don't want my name at the top of a hand made article. If someone wants to find out who made it they can look inside. Branding is for products. I don't make products.

 The one on the right is one of three or four options that I'm considering for this guitar. I want a lyrical headstock that befits the top of a nice instrument. One that speaks of the things I love in the arts; lines, organic shapes, timber and the reflex curve. Here, the six lined version (current shape) sits to the right of a computer image of the same thing when it only had five lines. I was hoping that the six serendipitous lines would contrast nicely with the straight sharp lines of the strings going from nut to tuners. The lines are inlaid 3 piece purfling. It will look better, that is stronger and more cohesive, when it has been polished.

 Above here is another possibility, a book-matched pair of off-cuts from the back wood. Being so busy visually, I'd leave that completely un-adorned if I choose to go with it for this instrument.

Plan C is to make the headstock out of ebony to match the fingerboard.

I have some evaluating to do.

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