Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a bit of a strum..

I took my newly finished guitar to a lesson. I poked my phone at my guitar teacher when he first picked it up, and grabbed a little video. Maybe I can convince him to demonstrate with some forewarning one day...


  1. That really must be a satisfying feeling. I'm impressed.

  2. The sound is very clear, warm, quick response and not resonant at all, just as necessary. Wow !

  3. Thanks both of you. It was a satisfying moment, just to know that someone else can pick it up and use it without needing to adjust, and to find it easy to make sweet music.
    The neck and the action feel good, the neck probably contributes to the good 'sustain'. It is a little heavier than a mahogany neck, yet Ian remarked when he picked it up that the instrument felt light.
    I'm really enjoying playing it.

  4. Sounds great!

    I wonder how many of his students have presented him with a guitar that they have made to play!!!

    Wonderful that you are enjoying it...x