Thursday, March 15, 2012

getting wood flat; harping but not humming

 I finally began the transformation of some big lumps of timber into suitably dimensioned smaller lumps that can soon be made into components for the harp. I have chosen some Tasmanian Blackwood in boards about 65mm deep.
 The piece, above, for the pillar had a significant twist in it. The 'winding sticks' clamped to it show just how much. It took a great deal of care to bring it flat without making it too thin.
The neck here is taking shape, but this stuff is mean on machines and I had to treat my trusty old bandsaw to a brand new 6ppi blade.

There are so many things happening at the moment, I find it hard to get any sort of 'flow' into any particular thing that I do, so I'm just trudging through the heavy work as time permits, so that when my mind is in the right place and the old creative juices finally start, I'll be in a position to do some finer work. Those same juices (or the lack of them) explain the absence of any writing lately too...

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