Monday, March 19, 2012

planing out the bumps

 The harp pillar, fresh from the bandsaw, is having it's curve 'faired' with hand planes and this is the first time the wood has had the opportunity to show itself in all it's Tasmanian glory. This is quite dense for blackwood, but it still has a buttery feel under the blade, and it sparkles and shines as the surface becomes more refined.
Below is a lovely image of Lombok, captured by my daughter. We three had a marvellous time in perfect Autumnal sun on Saturday. He was led, fed, indulged, cuddled, bathed and then he rolled in some dirt out of sheer sensual pleasure.


  1. cheers Pablo, it might even speed up a bit soon!

  2. Glad you like the photo! Thanks again for a glorious afternoon! <3 xx