Monday, April 2, 2012

making a tall dalek

The acoustic box behind the soundboard of this harp will be made from 10 staves, each having two tapered, angled edges. Re-sawing the 4 inch square board was done on the bandsaw, taking the boards down to a generous 10mm thick, for thicknessing to about 7mm.

 The tool for ripping the tapers is a fairly simple jig that holds a board while cutting the line obliquely. Given that we are trying to make over 40 feet of joints from over 80 feet of tapered, angled edges, to specific dimensions, the jig needs to be fairly accurate.

The tape holds the edges together while they are being glued and the whole caboodle sits in a cradle to hold it to the correct dimensions while the glue sets. This is a carvel hulled harp box!


  1. Great Progress! Those staves look a lot like nicely figured Koa, it will be gorgeous. Let me know if you run into any hitches

    -Rick Kemper, Sligo Harps

  2. Great to hear from you Rick- I was going to drop you a line this week. I have very much enjoyed your excellent PDF guide to harp construction, and happily recommend it to anyone contemplating a harp build. In particular I've enjoyed the way you include the impact of previous experience upon your current method and thinking. The plans are terrific too.