Wednesday, April 12, 2017

who needs emoticons?

Introducing Ziggy our newest foster dog. We took her into our car on her way back from the vet, having just been de-sexed. She was disoriented and worried, but a few quick tucks of the rug and the pillow by Julia and she was snug and feeling safe. These three pictures were taken within about five seconds (I think the last picture shown was the first taken), and I find them powerful in the range of emotions that can be read in her face in such a short period- without her moving anything but her eyes.

On arriving home she was met by Sooty (our dog) and Fleur (our other foster dog). Fleur has made incredible progress since my post about her when she arrived. After an initial flurry the other two dogs have pretty much left her alone to adjust and recover, and her job tonight is simply to learn something of our physical and emotional geography, our smells and to find enough trust to believe that she will be safe.

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