Thursday, September 9, 2010

Navigator forward seat edge preparation

The port side has had the edges shaped, ready for profiling. At this point the starboard side edge has been rounded. The block plane and a sanding block do the places that the router can't reach.

And here the profiled edges and the front area has had a coat of epoxy. I'm moving ahead with the sealing and priming of this forward area before the foredeck is glued on. The 9mm doublers have a large radius routed onto their top face and a smaller one underneath. This feels good and is quite strong visually too. The total edge thickness is 16mm.
In the top pic the front coaming is clamped on. Those pieces are 9mm ply and I need to decide whether to keep and paint them, or cut them again in solid timber for bright finishing. I have some 100+ year old pine- a bit like Kauri- that would do nicely there....just have to make a decision.

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