Sunday, May 14, 2017

You wanna play?

Well adoption day for Ziggy looms. She was the girl in this post.
The naughtiest of all our fosters. The most likely to steal the toilet paper. The one most inclined to chew the corner of the table, or steal my boots, sweater or dressing gown when I step into the shower. Her favourite teddy has had a leg amputated because the injuries were so severe....when bored she will chew firewood. She has more chutzpah and energy than any three of your regular greyhounds. She is as tall as Sooty, but acts like a two year old....because she is two. She will become someone's pet instead of a foster dog and yet I feel no sense of doom and loss as I normally do. I don't find myself self-talking about it being about her needs, not ours. I don't try to concentrate on the new owners as being the logical caretakers of her this time. Because we are adopting her ourselves. She has bonded with Julia irreparably. Peas in a pod.

Above, soon after being told she will stay with us, Ziggy allowed a certain amount of peaceful bliss to calm her down. I swear she feels more secure already- she is just so affectionate.

On a different note, above is some Eucalyptus species wood that I have horded since the 1980's waiting for the right job. I am making a panel to sit above a vanity unit for a bathroom, and it seemed a good idea to use these pieces in combination for the job (yes it is a homage to a seascape). It is in the process of being oiled with good old-fashioned Linseed oil. I have to say (as if you are interested!) that using this oil always reminds me of my mother's father who bought me my first cricket bat and instructed me how to oil it. I oiled that bat almost to death just for the love of grandpa and the love of Linseed Oil...Incidentally, this is the only Aussie hardwood board that I've ever had which exhibits a sort of birds-eye figure. I know it happens, but this is my only piece. I've had plenty of Canadian and US birds-eye maple though.


  1. Miss Ziggy Stardust loves a comfy bed, and in that regard we are peas in a pod! I don't have her movie star eyebrows though....

  2. And I hope you don't steal the toilet paper, because surely you have your own toys.

    1. Hi Doryman, yes, lots of 'toys', including a large easel! Miss Ziggy got to the pet first aid kit while we were out today, and managed to unravel plenty of bandages, shred cotton wool, chew the tick remover, and pierce the Solugel..she hates being on her own, but with time this will change (fingers very tightly crossed!!)