Sunday, May 16, 2010

Navigator 'Annie' up-date. Last of the bulkeads fitted and some pleasant joinery

Here the stringers that run alongside the CB case have been joined to bulkhead 3 with a type of mitred housing joint that gives lots of gluing surface area with very little loss of rigidity to the bulkhead doubler
It's been less than two months to get to this point, but so far it has been that sort of work in which most sessions give the impression of rapid progress. A big empty space has been filled by bits that fairly quickly began to resemble some sort of boat. In that sense it is a bit like building a house, where the framing converts emptiness into a structure that suggests the bits in between...but those subsequent bits that fill in the spaces are the ones that require hours of input for little visible change or progress. But there is plenty of pleasure to be had in those details, as long as I don't think about how many of them there are.

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