Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Could this be THE modern classic? (such a silly journalistic rhetorical question...)

OK, I haven't built one of these Goat Island Skiffs, but I really believe in them. This pic was lifted from Michael Storer's site and I think it is of the original GIS, built by a fellow who calls himself 'Bitingmidge' on the Aussie Woodworker's Forum- more than 10 years ago.
What I like is more than just the distillation of the skiff idea to it's essential, very attractive elements, it's the fact that Mik has gone to so much trouble to produce a set of plans that is so clear and rational and specific that literally anyone can follow them. This is backed by phenomenal resources for the builder including personal contact on his forum, and contact with like-minded builders all over the world.
I have a set of these plans and they are as good as it gets. (and I have plans for more than 10 boats, but don't tell anyone)
This is a thoroughly modern design that has benefitted from years of experience in sailing and building, but the most important thing is that it brings simple sailing boats (that are beautiful and fast and exciting) into the realms of possibility for the type of person who is no longer interested in the huge costs involved in modern competitive boats- because they have become so dependent on high spec. hardware and expensive deck jewellery.

I have no commercial or other relationship with the designer.

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  1. Mik has refined the lug sail with this design too. The way he sets it up couldn't be more refined; simple and effective.