Thursday, May 6, 2010

sit down boogie

A painting from about 1982, guache on paper. One of the last times I took paint and brush to make an image rather than just to colour something. In paintings at the time, I loved the picture plane, the flatness of the paper and the way that lines and colours hint at space, or can be made to contradict it. So, quite apart from the subject matter here (which I won't go into) we have some areas of red 'pushing' towards us off the picture plane and away from the blues and greens and greys, but the white drawing across the top undermines this illusion and creates a tension in front of the image, then surrounds other shapes and pushes them forward. Spatial ambiguity. Love it. Click pic to enlarge.


  1. I guess you are right - your life doesn't make sense Dad. But then confusion is meant to be the highest state of being (or something) isn't it? This painting brings back memories for me.

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