Thursday, May 27, 2010


Sometimes breaking through is messy and scary. Sometimes it feels comfortable and inevitable. Either way, the breakthroughs that seem most useful to me looking back, are the ones that revealed options that unfolded me to possibilities that are creative and challenging. This often involves a bit of blind commitment, hard work and hope, but one of the joys of getting older is that it seems to be a little easier to trust my judgement about these things as I begin, finally, to have a little understanding of what it is that I am about.
And the beauty of having fun with creative challenges is that they remind me with alarming regularity that I don't know anything, I just play with the shapes of things.
It is after all, mainly our perceived deficits that cause us to be curious. Or maybe, those of us who enjoy being aware of our deficits are curious?

The photo above is of a window in our workshop building being opened up after about 60 years of being bricked in. The building is 160 years old and it was magic to let the world in again. But it was messy...


  1. I love having the feeling of breaking through. As you said it isn't always a pretty process however the rewards are often great.

  2. Thank goodness someone knows what I was on about. -worried about being a bit obscure there. Thanks mark