Monday, February 27, 2017

a little cabin with some woods...

Bandicoot's cabin was in very good condition but a bit sparse for us, lacking any lining and a few other details that make things work more easily- an armrest for example. I can't help being a rather visual person either  and it seemed to me that the structure of the cabin frame and the hull made for some very busy surfaces. The intention with the new trim was to make some strong horizontals fore and aft to make the curves more sweeping and the areas simpler.

at purchase.

The skippers chair was made by and for the previous helmsman in such a way as to save space and provide support but it was a bit low for me.

at purchase..

Below, I tried a workbench stool I had at home which was height adjustable and had a swivel. 


more recent

 The cabin is still incomplete; bench cushions, blinds and more soundproofing under floors will get us closer to that.

more recent

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