Monday, February 27, 2017

Tripping Up The Tambo

The last time I was this far up the Tambo I was driving a small outboard 'tinny', coaching a couple of senior rowing eights at a rowing camp in 1986. Above, this trip a group of us stopping for lunch. Bandicoot at the bottom of the picture. By the time we emerged  into Lake King for the trip home we faced into a strong head wind -right on the nose- and lines of persistent waves, but it was a comfortable 8 knots in the cab.

Boating with a motor is in no way as restful as sailing when the weather is fair. Even the little Yanmar on Beachcomber is quite calming as she potters along if she needs a push. But there are advantages to going a bit faster, having a bit of protection and a few facilities onboard and some real space to relax in. Most of all it is quite liberating to go home with fewer concerns about the weather.

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