Wednesday, February 22, 2017

my mojo was hiding in the bandsaw

It is a source of amazement to me, the powerful effect that a new set of design and build challenges has had on my energy levels. With Bandicoot I have been able to forget about things below the waterline and just concentrate on making the interior a cheerful and comfortable space in which to spend some precious time. The bandsaw is humming and I spend many days meandering between  a wide range of tasks and tools, drawing and imagining and coming up with little modifications - in the full understanding that they will never be noticed by anyone else- they are just  for us and the pure joy I find in the transformation of space by recycling materials shaped to lines that I have drawn. This is what I am made for. Wood, tools and design are the most essential me.

I began in the berth by lining it out, after sanding and painting and removing redundant wiring and other bits and pieces used in the boats previous lives. And talking of previous lives, all of the timber I have used so far has been recycled from leftovers from boats and buildings, and it is a real pleasure to see timber 'scraps' from my two boat builds and from house renovations come to life in new roles.

The new lining is removable and it allows air movement over the ribs and stringers.

The workshop is now littered with about two dozen pieces of shaped and fitted timber trim pieces in the process of being varnished. The old table has gone from the cabin and so has the original skipper's chair. Three new solar powered vents have replaced the dead ones. The floor around the cabin seating has been raised in several places to bring it all to the same height while still allowing easy access to the motor and the bilge. Work has progressed on lining parts of the cabin walls and increasing the depth of the seats. These are very mundane things, but I have had a whole lot of fun, all the while bobbing in the boat on the creek in the sun.


  1. I am finally retiring at the end of this academic year. The garage is the first thing I tackle - everything out; everything put away; rubbish sifted, recycled or skipped and then I too can find where my bandsaw lives; i can sharpen chisels to my hearts content and retrieve a table saw from under a mountain of accumulated family junk. First thing on my agenda - making some wannigans for Arwen - two boxes that are shaped to fit the front section either side of the centreboard - one will be a galley box - equipment and the other probably a food box - for longer extended trips. I share your joy at crafting wood and using tools - sadly I don't have your skilled craftsmanship. My talents lie elsewhere. You are an inspiring person Robert. Thanks for a good post

  2. Cheers Steve. I sensed you were about ready! It is great to have a plan. There is always something worth making if you have the motivation time and resources. You'll have all three.